Flower Care 101

by Mansi Aggarwal


Many words can be left unsaid when you have a flower to say it all. Among the most remarkable beauties created by God is the creation of splendid and aromatic flowers. Flowers bloom in innumerous varieties, seasons and at many different places. They are symbolic of love, care and devotion. Flowers are found everywhere on earth and even beneath the deep sea there is existence of flowers. All the countries in all seasons have many species of flower blooming on their land. Flowers are the best way to express emotions they can convey the softest thoughts with utmost ease.

When sending flowers great care needs to be exercised in selecting them. Considering the occasion for sending flowers and the person for whom flowers have been picked up help in deciding the color and size of the bouquet. Bouquets come in varying sizes and prices. Flowers can be arranged in a bunch or on any flat tray or it may be a basket full of flowers. Whatever be the way of presentation flowers are always lovely to give and receive. Some rare species of flowers can be expensive and the state of flowers presented effect the pricing of flowers. Fresh flowers are always more in demand than a day old ones. Most of the florists advertise by promising that they deliver fresh flower bouquets on the same day. Some flowers have a long life and remain fresh for a longer time even after being cut off from the plant. While others have a shorter life span of remaining fresh. Certain rules hold good for most variety of flowers for retaining them in a fresh state. Cutting flowers with a bit long stem and a slant whip and keeping the stem emerged in water promote the fresh look for hours. Most florists promise to deliver of fresh and unique flowers but only some of them expertise in this trade. Keeping flowers fresh for long and selecting the right species and color to suit the occasion perfectly needs a professional expertise. Some of the most experienced ones can actually do the job satisfactorily. Yet at most times a perfect bunch of flower can always be obtained by some endeavor to match the occasion and pocket.

When planting flowers for commercial or decorative uses many aspects of gardening needs to be considered. The season and the soil along with the reasons for planting flowers play and important role in deciding the species that is to be reared. Using appropriate manure and even pesticides to protect flowers from being destroyed is important. Recently development and immense research work in botany has taken flower planting to great heights. Exact species and color of flowers are planted accordingly to suit the coming occasion.

Not only the color but also the aroma of flowers is highly cherished by flower enthusiasts. Among the numerous available colors of flowers there are some specific colors that signify certain emotions and thoughts. Since long a red rose has been a token for love and yellow signifies friendship. Fragrance of flowers is also a contributing factor for the popularity of flowers. Not only as gifts presence of flowers also make a personal space more welcoming and creates a pleasurable ambience to cherish.

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