Gardening with Garden Decor

by Lisa Tinder

Ever since the first cave man or woman discovered the concept of seeds, gardening has been one of humankind's primary activities. At first, of course, it was a tool for survival. In addition to growing foodstuff, plants such as flax and reeds provided materials for clothing and shelter.

Gardening for scent might have come next, when Ula spread fragrant grasses and herbs in the cave to sweeten the fetid air after a long winter closed in with Brug. It wasn't long, though, before the ancients were gardening for beauty as well. In America today, there are probably far more people gardening for beauty than for food. Almost every house that has a little land has at least some geraniums or impatiens. In fact, gardening has become America's number one hobby. [ more ]

Terrace Gardening And Landscaping Ideas

by Alexander Sviridov

Terraces present wonderful possibilities in the garden. They are outdoor living rooms during good weather and form a transition from the outdoors to the indoors throughout the year.

The terrace may be either at ground level, below ground level, or raised above it. The simplest type is ground level, which requires only the grading we have indicated. There is a wide choice of flooring materials to use. One may use cement, poured and levelled with a large board, but in maintaining the drainage grade or including shallow drainage paths, smooth turf may be used, in which case the preparation will be the same as for other lawn areas and various other types of bases. [ more ]

Gardening is Good Therapy

by Valerie Giles

Many of us garden just for the sheer joy of it. But did you know that all over the country the healing aspects of gardening are being used as therapy or as an adjunct to therapy?

Although this might sound like a new concept, garden therapy has been around for decades. For example, the Garden Therapy Program at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, and in regional hospitals in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Rome, Thomasville and Savannah, has been helping people for over 40 years through gardening activities known as social and therapeutic horticulture. [ more ]

Healthy Soils Equal Bountiful Harvest!

by Fred Davis

Spring will be upon us before you know it, and it's about time to give some serious thought to the quality and content your garden's soil—that literal foundation for all things happening in the garden. Soils are at the heart and soul of successful gardening. Yet soils are almost universally the single most neglected "key" to gardening success! [ more ]

Gardening Tools - An Overview

by David Chandler

Most people know very well about the rules and regulations to keep your plants to grow healthy in your garden. For getting sustainable growth from your garden plants, they do require good soil quality, sun light and sufficient water. Although these items have been gifted by nature, gardening tools are necessary to upkeep your garden. Good gardening tools will assist you in taking care of your plants as well as cultivating good growing conditions, thus having a positive effect on your plant's health. [ more ]

Garden On The Cheap

by Roger Sorensen

I love my outdoors living space. The fragrant flowers, shading trees, even the constantly needing-to-be-mowed grass. I enjoy all of it and I spend a significant amount of time keeping it in good condition.

Unfortunately, gardening is a hobby that can become expensive. A $20 bill for this flat of flowers, $50 for that new tree, maybe $100 for a consultant to tell me why the grass is dead can add up to real money. I've always had to be careful with how much I spend on landscaping, so over the years I have found a few ways to make a little money provide the yard I like and enjoy. [ more ]

Garden Accessories

by Debbie Jensen

Garden Accessories can be functional; but most often, they are placed in gardens for their charm and whimsy. From cheap mechanical croaking frogs to expensive gazebos, we just can't get enough of them. A garden cart can hold a watering can, hand tools, and gloves. It can be used as a garden end table or just placed there for visual appeal only. [ more ]

Flower Care 101

by Mansi Aggarwal

Many words can be left unsaid when you have a flower to say it all. Among the most remarkable beauties created by God is the creation of splendid and aromatic flowers. Flowers bloom in innumerous varieties, seasons and at many different places. They are symbolic of love, care and devotion. Flowers are found everywhere on earth and even beneath the deep sea there is existence of flowers. All the countries in all seasons have many species of flower blooming on their land. Flowers are the best way to express emotions they can convey the softest thoughts with utmost ease. [ more ]