Gardening with Garden Decor

by Lisa Tinder



Ever since the first cave man or woman discovered the concept of seeds, gardening has been one of humankind's primary activities. At first, of course, it was a tool for survival. In addition to growing foodstuff, plants such as flax and reeds provided materials for clothing and shelter.

Gardening for scent might have come next, when Ula spread fragrant grasses and herbs in the cave to sweeten the fetid air after a long winter closed in with Brug. It wasn't long, though, before the ancients were gardening for beauty as well. In America today, there are probably far more people gardening for beauty than for food. Almost every house that has a little land has at least some geraniums or impatiens. In fact, gardening has become America's number one hobby.

Garden Decor Adds to the Charm

A garden can range from half a barrel planted with flowers to a virtual outdoor room. No matter how large or small your garden, there is garden decor to enhance it at affordable prices. If all you have is a condo patio--or even just a balcony--consider one of many styles of planters. Wind chimes, plaques and sun catchers also add delight to the smallest garden.

For those with more room, fountains and statuary give your garden a focal point. Invite the birds with houses, feeders and baths. Or enjoy the luxury of sitting in a garden swing at dusk, sipping a cool lemonade and appreciating the interplay of scent, form and color. Ula and Brug never had it so good!

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