Common Lies People Tell In Internet Dating

The days of letting other people find your matches for you are gone. These days are gone with new developments in technology. In the contemporary times internet dating is another medium used to find that significant other.

Internet dating is surely the hype now. With a single click in the computer, millions of men and women seeking for a so-called love appear in front of you. The thing is you can find a variety of matches for you.

Single, separated or divorced, skinny or fat, black or white - name it and these dating sites have it. It's like going to a restaurant and being served the menu. You can have your choice of cuisine and eat it the way you want it.

That's the problem with internet dating, you are free to say, do, or pretend to please the other party. There are no regulations for it. As long as you can keep up with the profile you placed in these sites. But, once caught up in the web of lies, you are gone forever.

The other party may never converse or believe you anymore. So, how do you protect your sincere interest in finding true love from these dating sites? Below are some of the lies that these bogus individuals will often tell you. Present Relationship Status. Some married men or women, happy or not in their married life, may likely tell you that they are single.

The happily married individual may just be looking for the excitement in extramarital affairs. But for the unhappily married, they want a new relationship with a single person and think that this is the best way to attract them. Both ways, they intend to target the same person - the single and unattached. Real Age. For some people, they think age still matters. So, perhaps to attract a younger person than they are, they pretend younger than what they truly are.

Or, they may even pretend that they are older to attract the even older party. Physical Appearance. People who are unhappy or unsatisfied with how they look take this opportunity to attract the type of person that they want to get involved with. They change their picture, height, or weight in their profile. The fat becomes slim or skinny.

The short becomes tall. The not-so-attractive face becomes the face that launched a thousand dating sites. The people who are attracted to very specific physical features are lured into these traps. Financial Status.

Money speaks for the good life. There are some people who are really particular about the financial status of the other party. Aside from the promise of love, they need to know that person is someone to rely on to. Especially for women seeking men, they need security in case things work out for them in the internet. Plus, the thought of having a great financial status in your profile attracts every single beautiful woman online.

Be careful with whom you deal with. Be smart to recognize the lies that they tell you about. But, don't get frustrated by these kinds of dishonest people. In due time you will eventually find a few honest people who truly deserves you.

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