Easy Steps to Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Organizing a baby shower can be a lot of fun but it can also be frustrating. Often times people try to hard and get caught up in finding the perfect baby shower theme ideas. This can really work against the goal of pulling off a great baby shower as a person gets more concerned they are not able to be creative or have fun. After all baby showers should be a wonderful joyous celebration of new life and not another big task that has to get done.

By following the steps below you can find a lot of really great baby shower theme ideas and then easily narrow it down to find the perfect theme. Research First you will want to do some reaserch on baby shower themes. This will help get the mindset and preload the brain with possible ideas. One of the best places to research baby shower themes is online. Going to any major search engine like Google or Yahoo and typing in keywords like baby shower theme ideas or fun baby shower themes will come up with a ton of websites and lots of ideas. Be careful not to latch on to any one idea to early on.

Instead just take it all in and maybe make a few notes of themes that seem appropriate for the situation. One can even narrow the search down and find more specific results using the search engines. For example if it is known that the mother is having twins then type in the search term baby shower themes for twins. Also if the sex of the baby is already known then using specific search terms related to the babies sex can generate some great ideas also. Using terms like baby shower themes for girls or baby shower themes for boys will give some great ideas.

List Next after doing some initial research it is time to turn off the computer. Get out a paper and pencil and start generating a list of baby shower themes. Some of these themes might come straight from the research that was done online but be creative and think of unique baby shower themes also. Creative ideas will often make the best baby shower themes because they will be new and unique. Try to generate a list of at least 20 baby shower themes that will work for the event.

Don't worry about censoring any of the ideas out just be creative and list as many as possible. If this is too hard and no ideas come quickly then just start writing down whatever comes to mind even if it is not a baby shower theme. Eventually the mind will start kicking in some great ideas. Narrow Next take the list and start to narrow it down less then five themes.

Think about the decorations that would go with each theme and the availability of clip art that would go with each theme. If nothing comes to mind for a particular theme then just eliminate it from the list. Decide Now it is at the final stage out of the five topics that are potential candidates for the theme pick one of them. Often it will help if there is time in between each of these steps. Simply getting away and doing other things for a while will allow the best baby shower theme to rise to the surface of one's mind.

If it is still too hard to pick just one theme then call a few friends or the expectant mother and read the list off and discuss the potential themes with them. This will often generate one great theme that can be used. The most important part is too not get to caught up or stuck on just one idea. Instead generate a lot of fun ideas and then pick the one that stands out.

Given a few days time to mull over all of the options often one will become the clear winner as the perfect baby shower theme.

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